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Get an initial meeting and personalized program for you to follow on your own time. The Gymscript app makes it easy for you to follow your optimized strength program for cheap. Check-in with your trainer once a week or as needed to keep you on track and get guidance. Check out the Gymscript website for more info.

$50 - $200 / month 



Train 1:1 and in person with Taylor at Customfit Gym in Hayes Valley. Get the individual attention needed to help you get started and stick with it.

$130 / session



Meet in person or on zoom. Get advice and ask questions on concepts of health and fitness. Learn strategies to optimizing your exercise program, avoid injury, or assess your fitness levels to see where you could improve. 

$100 - $130 / session

The reason why I do what I do is to help people experience all the ways that exercise can make your life better. It is well known that exercise makes you healthier, look better, and feel better. However, the problem of exercise adherence still remains. Many people struggle with being consistent or even starting an exercise program. 


My job is to provide solutions that are more structured, quantitative, and progressive. This means sticking to a set of exercises, measuring performance, and employing scientifically proven strategies to increase performance. 


Exercise should not be a random, disjointed series of movements. It is critical that exercise is structured, planned, and progressive in order to get actual results and encourage long term adherence.


Taylor Kennon

M.S. Exercise Physiology

B.S. Kinesiology






"Taylor helped me drop from 32% body Fat to 24%! I liked that I was on a structured program and we didn't change it up every time.This gave me a chance to learn the movements and improve in them. It was also very motivating to see myself get stronger and stronger."

Jaena Michales

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