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Strength training (Barbell back squat)

Personal Trainer / Strength Coach

1-on-1 Personal Training

Structured, Data-Driven, and Scientific Strength Training 

*Free consultation

About Me


Taylor Kennon

M.S. Exercise Science

B.S. Kinesiology



I offer 1-on-1 personal training services, with an emphasis on strength. My training approach is centered around tested and proven scientific principles. I write structured and individualized programs to cause specific adaptations (specificity principle), in which performance data is measured and improved over time (progressive overload). In addition, flexibility and mobility issues are constantly monitored to ensure a safety and long term success.

What makes my approach different is the structure and level of organization. For every session, I have my laptop open, flowing along and adjusting your program. This allows us to stay on track for each session, which leads to long term success.

I also focus on providing a high standard of customer service. Client success requires me to invest enough and time and attention to the individual, to help them overcome their unique challenges. As an independent contractor (5 years experience), I am free to focus solely on my clients. This requires me to be accessible, communicative, and flexible based the needs of the situation. 

Sessions are held in-person at Sessions Trainer Center located at 1874 Market St. (Open Map to see location).


Feel free to Reach out with any questions!

Getting Started

Step 2

Schedule First Session

I will put you through a movement assessment. This shows me if there are any limitations or imbalances to address as we move forward with training.

Step 3

Start Your Program

I write your program based on your goals and movement assessment. Then we start!

*First 2 sessions are 50% off. Payment is due only after these sessions are completed.

Geting started
What I do


By employing the latest research in exercise science, strength gains are safely maximized.

Data Tracking

Every set and rep of every exercise is tracked to optimize the exercise program. Access your data to track your progress anytime.

BODy Composition

Increase muscle mass and decrease fat through by constantly being challeneged as your performance increases.


Get nutrition guidance and macro/calorie targets at no additional cost to make sure that all your bases are covered. 

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"Taylor is a top-notch personal trainer. He has gotten me much stronger. He has also corrected several muscle imbalances to maximize results and keep me pain-free."

- Stephen Chien


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