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Strength training (Barbell back squat)

Personal Trainer / Fitness Consultant

Strength, Mobility and Health

Data-Driven Personal Training

*Free consultation over the phone


Train with Taylor at Sessions Trainer Center (1874 Market st) in San Francisco. Get a complete strength program customized to your goals and current fitness level.


By employing the latest research in exercise science, strength gains are safely maximized.

Data Tracking

Every set and rep of every exercise is recorded and tracked to optimize the exercise program. Access your exercise data any time.  

BODy Composition

Increasing muscle mass and decrease fat through specificity of movement and progressive overload. 


Get nutrition guidance and macro/calorie targets at no additional cost to make sure that

all your bases are covered. 

Training Philosophy


Taylor Kennon

M.S. Exercise Science

B.S. Kinesiology



I have been in business as a freelance personal trainer for the past 5 years. I started this business so that I could be free to provide a high level of customer service and ensure the success of my clients. 


My training style involves a well-structured exercise program, written for an individual, in which performance is measured and improved over time (progressive overload). By concentrating on select exercises and utilizing the latest in exercise science, I ensure consistent performance improvements.


My job is to craft and oversee an exercise plan tailored to your unique needs, goals, and constraints. For every session, I am tracking performance data (sets, reps, weight lifted) to help determine future exercise prescription. 


Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Rough Surface
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"Taylor is a top-notch personal trainer. He has gotten me much stronger. He has also corrected several muscle imbalances to maximize results and keep me pain-free."

- Stephen Chien


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